Graduation Party Catering

Congratulations 2020 graduates! We’re so excited that you’re considering having Dos Hermanos cater your graduation party! Please read over the options below to get an idea of what options we have available.

Taco Cart

Book our cart for your next event! This is a more comfortable option that is smaller and quieter. We arrive to your location, set up our cart, and cook directly from the flat top.

Our carts are licensed, insured and fully ready to cook on site. The price is determined by the number of guests and there is a service charge added for staff and travel costs. The taco cart is less intrusive than the truck, yet offers the same quality and great service.

The cart is ideal for serving 50-90 guests.

Email us at to get started with your booking!

Taco Buffet

Dos Hermanos Beans and Spread

We bring plenty of fresh ingredients for your guests to make Tacos or Burrito Bowls.  The buffet is set with heating elements, paper plates, serving utensils, plasticware, and napkins for you and your guests.

This is a great option for guests who aren’t sure how much time they need. The food is kept warm and your guests can customize their tacos and eat as they wish. All of the food and containers are disposable and recyclable so clean up is fast and easy!

Taco buffet catering starts at $11 per person.

Email us at to set up your catering order today!

Taco Truck

Our Taco Truck allows us to cater events on a larger scale with the same quality and care. With the truck, we have the capacity to serve anything from our menu. Not only will your guests be WOW-ed by the delicious and authentic Oaxacan-style Mexican food, the visual of having the taco truck on location brings your event to the next level!

The truck is ideal for serving 90-200 guests.

Email us at to book the truck for your event!

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