The Heart of Columbus

Here at Dos Hermanos, we pride ourselves on being a staple of the city! We love bringing a part of Oaxaca to the central Ohio area! Don’t miss out on the best tacos, burritos, and bowls in Columbus — crafted with the finest fresh & local ingredients!  Find us everywhere around the city whether it’s at Easton Town Center, the mobile taco trucks, North Market locations, or Food Fort 2.0.

A Taste of Oaxaca

Dos Hermanos’ Oaxacan inspired recipes come from two brothers Vicente and Fidel. The two brothers grew up in La Sierra Norte de Oaxaca, a small pueblo of Santiago Camotlán. Oaxaca is Mexico’s most culturally diverse state, where many speak multiple dialects! Not only is it known for being the most culturally diverse state, it’s also the most biodiverse state, as well! Oaxaca is also credited as having Mexico’s best gastronomy, where you’ll find dishes such as Mole de Pollo and distinctive banana leaf tamales! It’s no wonder that the two brothers wanted to bring a piece of Oaxaca to life here in Columbus! Find authentic Oaxacan recipes like  chicken mole at our restaurant in Easton

Celebrate your next occasion with a taco buffet from Dos Hermanos! We bring everything you need for each person to customize their tacos exactly how they like.
WOW your guests with Dos Hermanos food truck catering services! Guests can choose from tacos, burrito bowls, quesadillas, and burritos. Click the button below to book events that will be prepaid by the event host.
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